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Vodafone price rises could push UK bills up 10%

Vodafone price rises could push UK bills up 10%

Mobile operator Vodafone has announced price increases that could add 10% to monthly bills. The amount charged on usage beyond a customer’s allowance will rise, but contracts themselves will not change. Vodafone will estimate how much bills will rise based on a three month profile of each customer’s bill.

It will then warn customers if their bills are to rise above 10% and give them the right to leave the contract without charge. But the company says if they wish to do so, they must write to Vodafone before prices are raised on 28 June. The move comes as Vodafone announced reduced European roaming prices.

Vodafone said to affected customers in a statement on its website:”We really hope you decide to stay with us, but as these changes have increased your monthly bill by more than 10%, you can end your agreement without charge.” A standard UK call outside a contract allowance will increase by 5p per minute to 45p, but the cost of a European call will fall by just under 6p per minute to 18.7p.

Calls to certain 118 directory enquiry numbers will rise to £5 from current call charges of £2.25 to £3.75. The affected numbers are: 118 500, 118 404, 118 247, and 118 212. “The vast majority of our contract customers without an unlimited call and text plan already stay within their agreed bundles and won’t see any difference from the changes we’re making to the out of bundle charges,” the company said.

“For those who do use more than their agreed monthly allowance, we already have a number of ‘extras’ available to them to help keep their costs down,” it added. However Ernest Doku from the price comparison website Uswitch said that its research showed that “almost a quarter of Brits regularly exceed their data allowances, paying an extra £91.20 per year on extra mobile data alone.”

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