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Call Recording

Call recording, is a routine yet vital business tool, is benefiting more and more organisations.

call recording image Oi! Business Telecoms supplies the best in professional telephone recording solutions and services in low and high level code. We provide ‘passive’ call recording cards.

The call logging market has since opened up and demands for telephone recording products which improve customer service, often through staff training, has dramatically increased.

Mobile Phone Recording

Oi! Business Telecoms offering reliable Android mobile recording that is stored securely on UK servers in the Cloud, which comes complete with GPS tracking and SMS capture options!


Mobility but without the risk

The ability to keep in contact with colleagues, customers when away from the office is critical in order to maintain competitive position and good relationships.

Mobile phones have evolved rapidly and with the advent of Smart phones have become even more compelling for regular communication.

These devices are now the mobiles of choice for business people, doctors, financial traders and investment bankers, while the emergency services, breakdown services, couriers and delivery companies are also becoming heavily reliant on these versatile and powerful tools.

Increasingly instructions, confirmations, orders and important decisions are now relayed remotely and rapidly via mobile handsets, with this freedom there is an element of risk, and until now the tracking of conversations on mobiles has been complicated, unreliable and expensive.

Offering an unrivalled package – Mobile voice recording, text logging and GPS tracking all easily accessed within one secure, web interface.

We are able to supply a wide range of call recorders to suit business needs:
smartphone recorder image

  • Business Class answering machines
  • Pico call recording device
  • Sense Call Analyser
  • Voice server & Announcer

Smartphone Recorder

This is an easy to use and reliable voice recorder for any smartphone that has the 4 pole audio socket.

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