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Mobile firms urged to unlock phones Mobile firms urged to unlock phones
Customers who have reached the end of their mobile phone contract should have their phones unlocked from the network for free, says consumer group Which? It believes that keeping phones locked prevents customers finding a better deal by switching providers. Pay-as-you-go mobiles should not be locked at all, it said. One mobile operator said its phones were locked to prevent fraudulent activity. When a mobile is purchased from an operator it is locked to that particular network until the contrac
Google tackles ‘malicious’ Chrome extensions Google tackles ‘malicious’ Chrome extensions
Google has imposed restrictions on where people can get extensions for its Chrome browser. In a blogpost, the search giant said it was now going to allow only extensions hosted in its online store to be added to Chrome. Before now it has been possible to add the extra via many different websites but Google said this is often how malicious extensions infect a browser. The change means older extensions added outside the store will be disabled. Extensions are a popular way for people to add extras
Samsung reveals Simband and Sami health platform Samsung reveals Simband and Sami health platform
Samsung has unveiled a prototype wristband that can be fitted with third-party sensors to gather a range of health data about the wearer's body. It also discussed plans to store and share the information to offer insights to both the user and researchers. The Simband device and Sami (Samsung Architecture Multimedia Interactions) platform were announced at a press event held in San Francisco. One expert said their fate might depend on the quality of data gathered. Samsung discussed being able to
Apple agrees to buy headphone maker Beats for $3bn Apple agrees to buy headphone maker Beats for $3bn
Apple confirmed it will buy headphone maker and music-streaming service provider Beats Electronics. The deal is worth a total of $3 billion (£1.8bn), and is thought to be Apple's largest acquisition to date. As part of the acquisition, Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre will join the technology firm. Apple boss Tim Cook said the deal would allow the firm to "continue to create the most innovative music products and services in the world." In a statement, Apple said it is paying an initi
LG unveils laser-focus enabled G3 smartphone LG unveils laser-focus enabled G3 smartphone
LG's new flagship smartphone is the first to feature laser-assisted autofocus to help take sharp photos. The South Korean firm announced the feature at the global launch event for the G3 handset, held in London. The technology is designed to let the Android-powered device's camera focus in dim light conditions and quickly lock onto moving targets. Experts praised the innovation, but suggested its effect on the firm's global sales ranking would be limited. "Handsets are becoming harder to identi
Apple wants retrial in Samsung patent case Apple wants retrial in Samsung patent case
Apple is requesting a retrial after a Californian jury ordered Samsung to pay the US company $119m (£71m) in damages for infringing two of its patents. Apple had been seeking damages of $2.2 billion after accusing Samsung of copying five patents including the "slide to unlock function". The US company also filed a permanent injunction to prevent Samsung using the patents it was found to have infringed. Samsung filed court documents too but the contents have not been made public. During the ori
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