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Calls & Lines

Business Calls and Phone Lines

All businesses want to save money on their Calls & Lines. Oi! Business Telecoms can save you up to 27% on Calls and Lines compared to current BT charges.

We provide Calls & Lines at BT Wholesale rates, which means your Calls & Lines will still route through the BT network, but at a much cheaper rate, giving you overall savings of around 27%.

It costs you nothing to switch to Oi! Business Telecoms today and you will enjoy:

  • A wide choice including analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30
  • Guaranteed UK based Customer Service
  • Dedicated Account Managers 24/7
  • Seamless transfer, no down time and no hassle
  • No need to change your numbers or equipment
  • Simple and easy to understand itemised billing that makes sense
  • Quarterly account reviews with recommendations that helps you increase the money you save throughout your contract
  • No call spend penalties
  • Free access to ‘Your Call Monitor’, which enables you to view your bills online
  • SIP Next Generation ISDN30 and Voice over Ethernet
  • Tailored packages to help you manage your costs

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